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I do?

Ever been disappointed with the explanations great artists, rock legends and premier league footballers give of their performance and talents? It's the same with companies. Most are great at what they do but miss the mark when it comes to explaining it to the outside world. They come across as average, or even worse, useless, and that undermines the potentially fruitful relationships they have with anyone and everyone.

My take on purpose

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Why do you do what you do?

Businesses all over the place are getting themselves into knots trying to answer that one, fully taking on board SImon SInek's view that great companies know what their purpose is. That is, they have a cause or belief that drives what they do.

Not every purpose will be groundbreaking, unique or planet saving though. The good ones are simple. The great ones? Unifying.

My why

BE MORE heard

I believe every organisation has the potential to be more heard than it is. Which doesn't necessarily mean turning the volume up to 11. Be clearer. Be yourself. Be interesting. Be motivating. Be useful. Be more heard.


Who I work with

COMPANIES OF All sizes and sectors

Big corporate brands, newly listed ones, start-ups, SMEs, charities and professional services firms.



Making the opportunity clear for Adqura

Brand definition with Philosophy Design


Adqura needed a radical update of their brand design and positioning to help clients understand the scale of the opportunity provided by customer decisioning – a multifaceted marketing tech solution that is still relatively unknown.


So you're in advertising?

Sometimes. Yep, that sort of thing. I mean, advertising is one of the applications for the kind of thinking and creating I do.

The applications are pretty broad actually, but the focus is always the same.

I get to know businesses, brands, products and services, and help companies fine tune exactly why anyone should care about them.

That's the strategy bit. I also develop communication ideas and write the words.

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